Our collaborative partners


XCEL Aerospace is proudly associated with its collaborative partners. These include:

Rolls Royce

As a leading global player in the engineering industry, Rolls-Royce designs, develops, manufactures and services integrated power systems for air, land and sea fairing vehicles. Specialising in the manufacture and supply of high quality reliable engines for the aerospace industry, Rolls-Royce also works to supply engines and systems for marine, distributed and nuclear energy, oil, gas and rail.

UTC Aerospace Systems

UTC Aerospace Systems provides the world with specialist aerospace and defence products. As a leading supplier of technologically advanced components, that can be designed, manufactured and serviced, UTC works with commercial and regional business on their range of helicopters, space systems, and civil and military aircraft. UTC Aerospace’ systems work to deliver on time and in full in the most cost effective way to support your business, focusing on the safety and reliability of their systems.


Servicing the aerospace industry, Pattonair is a supply chain manager. Operating across America, Asia and Europe, Pattonair provides a multitude of services such as distributions management, direct line feed and kitting. Pattonair has over 40 years’ experience in supplying high quality products and services from specialised sealing solutions to maintenance and repair.


ITP offer engineering, manufacturing, research and development, casting and experimental services throughout the corporate, civil and defence sectors. Specialising in turbines, ITP additionally provide service support across the product lifecycle through MRO for engines, accessories, components and parts.


Marshalls is the largest independent aerospace and defence company in the UK. It provides innovative engineering services and support solutions across the globe. With over 100 years of experience and winner of a number of highly coveted awards for innovation and engineering service, Marshalls is well established in engineering systems for sea, land and air equipment.


Bombardier specialise in the design and manufacture of both aircraft and trains. Working in the aerospace and transport industry has led to the development of complementary skills and a high profile as an expert in these areas. Bombardier believes in the evolution of mobility and with over 70 years’ experience it is well equipped to meet the needs of its customers, bringing their belief to life.


Farsound Aviation specialise in the maintenance, repair and operations of aerospace consumable parts. Focused on logistics, supply chain management and distribution of delivering high quality parts, it provides an excellent value added service. Based in the UK, Farsound Aviation offers cost effective solutions in inventory, direct line feed management and kitting, and supplies a multitude of component parts, storing and managing them on behalf of its customers.


Safran Electrical & Power is an expert in the entire onboard electrical power chain. Design, generation, distribution, conversion, wiring, load management, ventilation, systems integration, and support and services: Safran Electrical & Power is also the European leader and one of the two world leaders in aeronautical electrical systems. It is a first class partner for several aircraft manufacturers.