Saving you time, money and improving your efficiency

Supply Chain

Your supply chain is a critical point of competitive differentiation and as such should be a key focus for your business. Improving your supply chain’s capabilities and performance will result in a greater ability to manage risk. In order to maintain competitive advantage, your business must have a learned ability to quickly respond to changes in the economic, technological and competitive environment and exploit new opportunities as they arise.

Working in partnership with XCEL Aerospace, we can help you achieve this, making this a reality.

We do this by manufacturing and sourcing a strategic range of components in order to maintain stock levels and meet your requirements from one supplier. Our committed team works closely to integrate stock levels and supply components on time and in full around the clock. Our method of manufacture allows customers to work with us at any stage of the process from quick turnaround, Fast Make projects to direct build line feeds.

We can work with you, regardless of what stage you are at with your operational needs, be it in design, costing or in the manufacture of buffer stock. Submit an enquiry to us on our contact page and we will review your needs. We deal with runners, stranger component parts as a family of parts in high volume, or speciality Fast Make components that have tight delivery times.

We are invested in finding solutions to your engineering and manufacturing challenges and will follow your brief for the introduction of a new product. As part of our move towards excellence in engineering, if we are unable to manufacture your component in house, we can source component parts, with stockist approval, in order to supply you with the full range of products needed. This means that we can provide a one supplier, sourced solution to your component needs, saving you time, money and improving your efficiency.

To deliver excellence in everything we do!
XCEL Aerospace