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Excellence in Machining

Our adaptable and integrated machining centres enable us to provide our customers with a range of machining solutions. These include the ability to provide CNC milling and turning capability, which achieves a quick turnaround, Fast Make service but also delivers more scheduled production run batches supplied direct to build lines anywhere in the world.

Our machining methods include milling, turning and waterjet cutting. These techniques deliver precision engineering machining at both the prototype stage and full production. More specifically, waterjet cutting can finitely cut metal to bespoke designs. This technique is used predominantly in the aerospace industry as its attributes allow for use on a multitude of materials such as cloth, fibre, ceramic and stone.

With the combination of 35 years of machining knowledge and experience and our aerospace quality environment, customers can expect high quality components on time, on budget.


Process | 2 axis to 7 axis CNC machined

Cycle rate | 2 to 100 parts an hour

Tolerance | 0.005mm hole positions

Batch size | 5 to 500 off